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yellow flower bead necklace and earring set

yellow flower bead necklace and earring set

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Lovely yellow flower beads strung to make a 32 inch necklace with a hint of iridescence. This necklace is made of 6 mm frosted yellow beads with roundel accents to add sparkle. The necklace is sold as a set with matching earrings that measure about 1 inch. Wear this piece any time of year. Drape it over a big bulky sweater, or with a simple white shirt for a pop of color and shine.

Note: This necklace is strung on a stiffer, more sturdy type of thread called tiger tail. The use of this material enables the piece to better hold its shape when worn, hence a stiffer feel. Also note, tiger tail can kink, therefore, it needs to be stored in a way that excessive bending can be kept to a minimum. I personally have found, that wrapping around itself in a jewelry box has kept my necklaces in tact.

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