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Howlite dangle drop earrings

Howlite dangle drop earrings

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Splotches of color turn into fading hints of color, occasional branching, or veining, that mimics tree like characteristics.
A gold filled bezel brings a hint of color to the already intriguing Howlite stones.
Then sterling silver jump rings, bring a little extra sparkle and shine.
Sterling silver ear wire finishes off these breathtaking, earrings, that end up measuring 3 1/2 inches long.

Icy hot when worn with a black turtleneck in winter. Or, a cool breeze in a slinky summer dress, on a warm summer evening.

Let them hang against a full main. How about hanging in their full 3 1/2 inch glory in a sexy updo. Short hair. No prob. Let them peek out from under your cute bob.

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