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Electroform Lacey Oak earrings in rhodium

Electroform Lacey Oak earrings in rhodium

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And now for a different type of lace. 

Well known for its beauty, the lacey Oak tree represents strength,courage, heroism and victory 

The oak is also cherished across the world as a symbol of wisdom, and endurance

represented in the most literal sense in nature as symbolizing growth and rebirth. 

Which is the genesis of such popular sayings like “turning over a new leaf” and “taking a leaf from someone else's book,” both expressions to be seen as spiritual growth

Since we can’t wear tree’s on our earlobes, we can take the leaves that they shed each year for self preservation. 

Enter creative humans. Throw in the preservation process of electroformation, with Rhodium, and we have beautiful pieces of wearable art. These electroform earrings measure about 3 inches long when you add the sterling silver ear wire with a cute little insect accent, which ads to the nature theme. 


A dazzling art piece, with a spiritual meaning.

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